The City of Moraine

History of the City

The city was originally portions of Van Buren and Miami Townships of Montgomery County, Ohio. In November 1952, voters went to the polls and Van Buren Township became the Village of Kettering, population 25,000, named in honor of the inventor Charles F. Kettering. The citizens residing in the Western portion of the village went to the polls and voted to detach from the Village of Kettering with a vote of 421 for and 56 against. The new Township of Moraine was created on February 3, 1953.

Moraine Township later became a village by a special election on July 23, 1957 (170 for and 97 against). Eight years later, after two separate annexations from Miami Township, the Village of Moraine grew to a population of 5,465 residents. The village became a city on May 12, 1965. Today, with a census population of 6,400, and a daytime population of over 12,000, Moraine has exemplified its philosophy of "Progress Through Unity."

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